Difference between City Beats vs Rap Beats

Rap Beats are regular beats with instant download and Regular licensing.

City Beats are sold only with service of Mixing your vocals . You can download mono version of the City Beat for free and record your vocals. When yous song will be ready – Upload your Vocal

City Beats are coming with License that is Exclusive for your City. Only one artist/band per one City will be allowed to record a Song based on City Beat. I will mix and Master you Ron and you will Receive Final Song along with License.

This song will be unique for your city – no body in your area will have same beat  – you have exclusive rights for this song in Your City.

City beats are available only with Wave ans Pro Licenses

  • Wav License (64GBP) : Your Vocal will be mixed from One and comes with is with Digital Mastering and 1 Review.
  • Pro License (128GBP) Your Vocals will be mixed from session (no need for exporting – just upload your session – All DAW are supported ) . Mix will be send to Analog Professional Mastering to achieve maximum Quality and 2 Reviews.

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