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Climb Up To City Level

Pick Best Beat, Record your lyrics and Shoot Music Video… show your Skills, Style and Quality. Submit Music Video based on Rab Beats City New Song.

If you are really good – you will be Invited to City Level – this means 33% OFF Discount for All Rap Beats (All Beats Except City Beats) (Buy 2 Get 1e Free). Unlock access to City Beats – you will send your vocal and receive finalised song within the Price.

..and the best part – you will be only one in Your city with beat that you will choose – forever.

“What if someone already has City Status in my area?”

In case if your city is taken …you will still get 33% Off and you will be added to Waiting List … If artist who is occupying your city will not use his status – the best artist from waiting list will take his place. Artist with City status is obligated to record minimum 3 songs (City Beats) In a year  to keep his level.


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